Orange County Bail Bonds

How bail bonds in Orange County work

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A bail bond is a financial guarantee submitted to the court that ensures the defendant will appear on all the court trials until the case is resolved. In case, the defendant fails to comply with the rules, the bail bonds are forfeited and arrest warrants may also be issued, depending upon the severity of crime. In Orange County, California the amount is determined by the Bail Schedule. For example, if someone is arrested in Santa Ana, the bail schedule will determine how much the Santa Ana bail bonds agent has to put up to post the bond.

When a person is detained for committing a crime in California, he/she is initially taken to the local police station prior to have booked into the Orange County jail. After the defendant has been booked and processed, the individual gets quite a few choices to be released before the court trials begin. It is during this period that an Orange County Bail Bonds company would first be contacted.

Basically, the bail system guarantees a defendant’s timely appearance in court. It also served as sort of insurance that the person who has been arrested will actually show up for the trials for the crime he has been booked for. The release options that the defendant gets are categorized as:

● Cash Bail: Defendant is released on cash bail, which requires the individual to pay the complete total in cash or credit card. This amount must be given to the court in U.S. dollars. No other currency is accepted. The money is returned in full if the suspect attends all the court hearings successfully, otherwise the total amount is forfeited. Santa Ana Bail Bonds agents don’t typically need to be involved in a “Cash Bail” transaction.

● Surety Bond: This is one of the most common bail bonds. It involves contract between bail agent and the court. The bail agent charges the defendant a premium of 10% of the bail amount for the service acquired. For example, if an agent who is licensed to post bail bonds in Fullerton takes the 10% premium, that agent would be posting 100% of the bail amount.

● Release on Own Recognizance (O.R.): This option of release is often offered to low- risk individuals having no past criminal record. If a person has been arrested in Huntington Beach Ca, they can still contact a Huntington Beach Bail Bonds agent for additional information.

● Release on Citation (Cite Out): It is similar to receiving a traffic citation. The citation is issued and the defendant is not taken into the custody. Also, it depends on the defendant whether he wants to show up in court on the given date.

Bail may not be granted to everyone. There are certain guidelines followed to determine whether the booked person should be released on account of bail bonds or not. Bail is typically authorized under these conditions:

● The charge the person has been arrested for is granted under the bail schedule.

● Is booked for committing a crime and is currently waiting for the sentence to be handed down.

● Is convicted, but making an appeal to be placed on probation.

● Is convicted and requesting an appeal.

California jurisdictions won’t authorize bail for quite a few violent and capital crimes. Also, a defendant who is booked with a capital crime that calls for death sentence will not have bail authorized if he has been proved guilty of the offense.

Other counties in California

You can also get bail assistance if you are arrested in a county other than Orange County. for example, if you or a loved one is arrested in Ventura County, you can contact a specialist in Bail Bonds in Ventura who can help. This agent will be able to meet you at the Ventura County Courthouse, and even arrange a ride home from jail.