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How To Find Orange County Beach Wedding Dresses

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Beach Wedding Dresses: Different Styles For Your Body Shape

Part of being a girl is discovering one’s silhouette and the kind of style that fits your body and personality. Unlike guys who are born into a shirt-jeans-shoes world, girls’ wardrobe problems extend from the right underwear to the perfect pair of shoes. Each kind of garment does not come with a single, correct answer. Undies have to be specifically designed for certain types of outfits, just like there’s a right kind of shoes for the style, length and color of dresses. The list of rules go on and on and on.
Take this preexisting condition and factor in not just any girl, but a bride-to-be. Yes, someone’s getting married! Engagement comes with sheer bliss and then sheer horror as soon as the bride-to-be sees her brand new to-do list. Too many things to do and so little time (even if that little time is actually a year or so). There is nothing to be taken lightly when talking about the wedding day. While other people take to heart a to-do list for conventional wedding venues in Orange County, others face unique challenges by going for beach weddings.

One of the most popular destination wedding choices is the beach wedding. Sun, sand and surf are characteristics of a fun-loving and adventurous partnership that’s as one with nature as they are with each other. Beach weddings set certain rules for the wedding preparation from the food, to accommodations, to wardrobe.

For bride-to-be’s set to wed at the beach, I’ve come with a quick guide of the most popular beach wedding dresses to help you get past half the work already. Besides, the beach is the place to be for a surefire party. You’d want to look no less than your best—all radiant and ready to bask under the sunshine or the moonlight.

1. Empire Waist
An empire waist features a fitted bodice just below the bust line making a high-waist appearance. The skirt then falls loosely to the feet or to the knees for a shorter cut. This kind of fluidity is akin to that of the sea and provides a laid back appeal perfect for a day out in the sun. It is casual enough for a stroll by the shore and classy enough for an intimate wedding.
An empire waist style is best for pear-shaped women as it downplays the hips and emphasizes the bust. It also flatters petite women as it creates an illusion of length for the body. Fabric is key in choosing beach wedding dresses. Light fabrics are most recommended and work best with this style.

2. A-Line
A-line skirts were all the rage in the 60’s and the 70’s and were revived in the retro trend of the 90’s. This silhouette is fitted at the waist and gradually forms an A-shape towards the hem. It is usually paired with form fitting tops to create a balance with the shoulder width. These are most popularly seen in princess-type dresses where a full, balloon skirt is fitted from the hips to the feet. The A-line is both classic and modern and is a great fit for most body types and is one of the most flattering silhouettes to wear.
Short A-line wedding dresses Orange County are great if you want to feel more casual on your wedding day. If the ceremony is more formal, a longer hemline that falls to the ankles or covers the feet would be the ideal choice. A-line skirts create the illusion of a curvy frame and hides common problem areas like the hips and the calves. However, an a-line wedding dress that falls just within the middle of the calf is best for creating an illusion of slimmer, longer legs. This will also make things much easier for your Orange County wedding photographer.

3. Sheath
Sheath dresses are more popularly known for their appearances in offices and corporate settings. It has an air of formality and elegance that is fitting for high-profile business meetings and corporate cocktails. A sheath dress is a form fitting dress that encloses the body. It often features a slit to make it walk-able. The sheath dress places great emphasis on the waist and most women choose to use a belt to adorn it. This is the most common silhouette style of First Lady Michelle Obama and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine.
A sheath dress is perfect for the power-dressed bride. When you’ve showcased your wild and crazy side by opting for a beach wedding, you can still retain your go-getter personality with simply elegant sheath beach wedding dresses. This type of silhouette is usually made with a sturdy stretch fabric, but you can opt for a cotton-type dress for a more laid back feel.

4. Mermaid
You’re already at the beach so wouldn’t it be fun to be an actual mermaid on your wedding day? This silhouette is as thematic as it gets. The mermaid wedding dress is a close-fitting dress that follows the shape of a woman’s body but flares out just below the knees. This gives the bride an hourglass figure that would look totally awesome as she marches down a sand-strewn aisle. The flared bottom balances out the top and bottom of the body.
When choosing a mermaid dress, the length and width of the flare is of great importance. A slimmer flare is more subtle while a fuller one speaks of a more edgy, adventurous bride. Mermaid flares can start as high as the knee for the traditional mermaid tail look or just in the middle of the calves for a more figure-flattering design.

Each style comes with its own perks and pitfalls. Because your wedding day is the most important day of your life, it is best to verify first with your stylist and closest friends what your body type is so you can shortlist the styles that will work best for you. Take note of the areas you want to downplay and emphasize so you’ll have an easier time picking out a dress. And when you’re finally out shopping, take your time. You’re the bride after all—it ain’t over ‘til you say so!