CPR Classes in Bakersfield Ca

Taking CPR Certification Classes in Sounthern California

cpr classes in bakersfield ca
Many employers require that their employees be certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR) as a condition of employment. Understanding how CPR works is critical if somebody around you ever goes into cardiac arrest. CPR keeps the victim alive by compressing on the chest rapidly and with force. This will circulate the blood throughout the body, and the oxygen in the blood will keep the brain and other vital organs alive until paramedics arrive. Once the paramedics arrive, they can begin ACLS(Advanced Cardiac Life Suppport). ACLS includes:

  • Placing the victim on concentrated oxygen
  • Attempting to defibrillate the heart
  • Introducing cardiac medications directly into the victim’s bloodstream

The first few minutes after a victim goes into cardiac arrest are critical. CPR classes in Bakersfield Ca teaches students how to respond appropriately to such an emergency. The first step is to quickly scan the scene for any dangerous situations.
Step two is checking for responsiveness from the victim.
If the victim isn’t responsive, the next step is to call 911 to get emergency medical assistance
The victim’s breathing is then checked. If the victim is not breathing, a pulse check is performed. This is done by placing 2 fingers directly on the carotid artery. If a pulse is found, no CPR is performed. If there is no pulse, immediate chest compressions are started.

Compressions should be hard and fast, which means pressing down at least 2 inches on an adult victim.

cpr certification san diego
After taking a class for CPR certification in San Diego, the student will learn that by pressing on the chest rapidly and at least 2 inches will help ensure that the cardiac arrest victim will receive enough oxygen to keep the brain and other vital organs alive. Once the paramedics have responded, they will stabilize the victim and transport to the closest hospital for immediate cardiac care.