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Vital info to understand after you have actually been jailed.

This is a basic intro to the criminal justice system in Orange County, California.

It does not provide legal recommendations.

Its function is to supply a fundamental description of court terms and explain exactly how a criminal case advances with the legal system. We’re the ones to call when you need an Orange County bail bonds agent.

If You Have Been Arrested, exactly what To Do

If you can make a bond (cash to protect your release), then you will be launched from prison, however just if you have no various other holds. If you can not make a bond or do not certify for pretrial release), then you will continue to be in prison while your case is pending.

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In some courts if you can show that you are indigent not able to manage to work with a lawyer, then you could ask for that the court offer you with a court-appointed legal representative. A court designated attorney might be either a personal legal representative who takes court consultations or might be a public protector. Either way, contact your Santa Ana bail bonds company as soon as you’re arrested.

If you are in Jail (Incarcerated and not able to make a bond) You could employ your own lawyer or if you are indigent the court will instantly designate a lawyer to represent you. If you are incapable to make a bond and are indigent, the court will designate your attorney within 24 hours of imprisonment.

If you are Not a U.S. Citizen.

.If you are detained and you are not a U.S. Citizen, in many cases the INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service) will position a hold on you. This hold will keep you in prison, whether or not you are able to make a bond. Someone who specialize in bail bonds in Fullerton should be contacted as soon as you’re arrested.